“Passion Partners Blueprint” Relationship Therapy

Passion Partners Blueprint is our live, interactive relationship therapy program for transforming your relationship. You will learn to apply the 3 steps for lasting relationships: the essential principles for overcoming problems and becoming passionate lovers, friends, and soulmates. Whether you are on the brink of divorce and are looking to rebuild, or whether you have a good relationship, Passion Partners Blueprint is designed to meet you at your level.

Where we systematically break down and solve any obstacles in your relationship. Whether you’re struggling with difficulties from your past, a breach of trust, issues with sexual chemistry, disagreements about parenting or money, emotions like jealousy and anger, or the fear that the spark is out of your love… we know how to handle these challenges. You will learn how to navigate sensitive problems and conflicts with creative solutions. Discovering what makes each other tick and what you need and how to get it. How to both give your love and how to receive your partners love at a new level. Resolving past problems and centering yourself on the emotions and relationship you need and want today.

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Personal Coaching

Everyone runs into unexpected issues in life. Problems, challenges, illness, children with challenges, a partner that just does not seem to understand you. Or maybe a project or promotion at work that turns out differently than foreseen. With personal coaching from Koachz we help you first to find the strength to face these challenges and second with a practical approach to handle them.

Where partners, friends and acquaintances often cannot help you anymore we provide extra clarity in creating honest feedback and a clear vision. We do not beat around the bush and help you form a distinct plan. We start by determining where you are and help you create a practical approach that will lead you further. When possible we challenge you to take a step further than what you had foreseen yourself. That’s how we meet and break through boundaries that will help you create a new future.

We help you leaving old habits behind through daily activities that push you forward. Through fast results new habits will come quickly.

Business Coaching

From succesful experience in managing and growing his own previous business Eelco takes you by the hand to first of all see where you are at right now. Without knowing where and what you really are it is difficult to determine where you want to go. Through completing these steps it becomes clearer how to manage your business in 7 different areas and create success.

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Woman Coaching

For the strength of woman. A group session that takes you on a journey to discover your inner self. Not just to give yourself inner peace but also to gain knowledge to create lasting change.

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Children Coaching

As an experienced behaviour specialist Jo-Ann helps parents and children overcome their challenges. These can relate to self confidence, fear of failure, nightmares, divorces parents, boredom, general challenges or clarity and consistancy in raising children. Both parent and child are educated at the border of parenting and development.

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Health Coaching

In coordination with a partner you can join in for 12 weeks of the ‘Transformation’ program. You will get a personal health coach assigned, a real nutrition and fitness expert that helps you with a tailored program and puts you to work. A weekly online coaching session …

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What our clients are saying

  • [Engels] Jo-Ann haalde bij mij iets naar boven wat er eigenlijk altijd al in zat. Ik moest het alleen zelf voelen en ervaren. Met opdrachten die vaak confronterend waren heeft ze me praktische, maar altijd passend bij mij en mijn gevoel, handvatten gegeven voor verschillende situaties. Zo heb ik nu mijn angsten beter onder controle, kan ik beter omgaan met voor mij moeilijke momenten op mijn werk en in mijn relatie en ben ik me weer bewust van mijn eigen keuzes en stappen die ik wil maken in het leven.

  • Dankzij de workshop van Eelco en Jo-Ann ben ik meer gaan inzien wat algemene eigenschappen zijn van vrouwen en van mannen, en hoe je op een constructieve manier kan kijken naar en omgaan met de verschillen. Jullie workshop heeft een belangrijke aanzet gegeven tot een verandering bij mij. Het is sindsdien vele malen makkelijker geworden om mijn vrouw niet negatief te interpreteren. Ik heb nu simpelweg veel meer begrip voor haar en ook veel meer waardering voor haar vrouwelijke kanten.

    workshop participant