Passion Partners Blueprint Relationship Therapy

Passion Partners Blueprint is an interactive relationship therapy program for transforming your relationship. You will learn to apply the 3 steps for a lasting relationship: the essential principles for overcoming problems and becoming passionate lovers, friends, and soulmates. Whether you are on the brink of divorce and are looking to rebuild, or whether you have a good relationship, Passion Partners Blueprint is designed to meet you at your level.

This is therapy or coaching where we systematically break down and solve any obstacles in your relationship. Whether its about:

  • struggling with difficulties from your past,
  • a breach of trust,
  • issues with sexual chemistry or intimacy,
  • disagreements about parenting or money,
  • emotions like jealousy and anger, or
  • the fear that the spark is out of your love

… we know how to handle these challenges. You will learn how to navigate sensitive problems and conflicts with creative solutions. Discovering what makes each other tick and what you need and how to get it. How to both give your love and how to receive your partners love at a new level. Resolving past problems and centering yourself on the emotions and relationship you need and want today.

Passion Partners Blueprint is a therapy designed to coach you using three tools for change. The weekly passion tools class that you can listen to at any time, the weekly group coaching session where you ask questions and listen to couples being coached and receive therapy, and the essential workbook guide which you use to document the strategies and experiences you learn and practice in Passion Partners Blueprint. The weekly passion tools teach you a Passion Partners concept and show you how to actively make the change in your relationship. Your weekly group coaching session answers all your questions and explains the changes, discoveries and next steps to take. You then track your personal discoveries, successes, new practices and secrets about yourself and your lover in your workbook. This enables you to see exactly how you’ve rebuilt your love together and is also your future reference guide.

Passion Partners Blueprint Relationship Therapy
Trains you in:

  • Your deepest desire
  • Five love practices
  • Finding another way
  • Love modalities
  • Art of Connection
  • Overcoming mistrust and jealousy
  • Forgiveness & Expectations
  • Powerful Dates
  • Children
  • Passion and Chemistry
  • Masculine Presence
  • Feminine Archetype Process
  • Couples Executive Meeting
  • Types of Marriage
  • Love strengths process
  • Future Together!

Do you want to experience incredible love, connection, trust and intimacy? Join us in our 12 week Passion Partners Blueprint Relationship Therapy Program.